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Charmaine only conducts spirit connection readings. She will NOT do a future or life reading.

Charmaine only does private readings at certain times during the year that do not interfere with her touring or writing schedule.
**Please note she does not do any private or family readings while touring.

To Ensure you get the best possible connection with Charmaine please take careful note of the following:

Ensure you are seeking someone who is close to you in spirit. The readings are meant to help ease the grieving process and if you seek a reading for any other reason you may be disappointed

2. It has been a minimum of 4 months since the person you are seeking has passed.
If it has not been at least four months we have found the grief of the person seeking the reading will be too strong to make a wonderful connection.
Charmaine does not want anyone to be disappointed and you will be urged to hold off for a small amount of time.

3. It has been 4 months since your last reading with ANY other medium or psychic. In the past we have found the connection will not be as pure if you continually seek mediums, if you wish to have a clear reading then we suggest you hold off.

Types of Readings Available :

Personal Reading - duration 30 mins.
This reading is for1- 3 FAMILY members ONLY and can be conducted via phone FaceTime/Zoom or phone. ( phone if one person only )
There will be no face to face readings.

**Please note carefully: If you are having a personal reading you must be alone in the room otherwise the energies of other people could affect the reading.

Please ensure you have put the type of reading you require in the comment section

Important Information

With all readings other than phone readings, we suggest you test your FaceTime or Zoom prior to the reading.
This way you can find the best place to be in that suits your internet. You will need to place your FaceTime number number in the COMMENTS section and SPECIFY your want FaceTime when you book. You will be contacted by Charmaine at the appointed time.

We also offer readings on Zoom - please put Zoom in the comments and Charmaine will contact you two days before to send you the link - please do test link and down load so Zoom is ready the next day
so in the comments section put PHONE - FACETIME - ZOOM

At no time do we require any other information other than your name and contactable number or contact details. We will need a phone number just in case the internet plays up.

Do not tell us who you are looking for or any other information relating to the spirit. We do not want your address either.

We need for you to understand that we have no information other than a way to contact you to ensure you get the best connection

****If you cannot book a reading it means there are none available at the moment. Charmaine often indicates on facebook when the next lot of readings will be released or alternatively you can email [email protected] to find out the next release date.

*****Please leave at least 8 months minimum before booking more readings. Charmaine finds she has better success if you have a bigger gap without any medium readings at all.

Freaky Whispers PTY LTD

Charmaine Wilson

Freaky Whispers PTY LTD

One on One reading - This reading can be used for up to three family members only

Freaky Whispers PTY LTD


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Freaky Whispers PTY LTD


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